In studies we collect all kinds of information from our events and publications under different themes. Videos, podcasts, blogs and more. Scroll through the themes that appeal to you and find inspiring thoughts, methods and ideas.


Scientists warn of the imminent collapse of our civilization, but how can we speak of a civilization, if we are unable to do something about climate breakdown, if we are even allowing it to become worse? Programme about climate breakdown, ownership, territory and colonialism.

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Future Art School

What does art education of the future look like? We collect examples and challenging experiments that make us think about art education in the future. Social issues, changes and the Corona pandemic sharpens this issue.

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ArtEZ studium generale organizes different projects that advocate for equality at every level and social justice for all people. In this file you will find projects on feminism, emancipation, justice and activism.

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Future Justice

Young artists, researchers and educators help unpack the idea of a future that is based on justice out of deep concern for the world, which is marked by a climate crisis as well as a social and political crisis.

I would like to tell you a story

ArtEZ-student Pompadó Z.R. Martha is our new blogger. Originally from Curaçao, Pom has been living in a lot of places which gives him a broad insight into the topics Diversity, Sporadic (De)Colonialism, and Inclusion.

A Sense of Belonging

Technology/data, politics, laws, regulations, time and space determine where we are and where we feel at home. A human is not a being that is restricted to one place but rather a combination of all these strands. Where do we feel at home, how do we relate to these external forces and to other people? And where do we find the relationship with the other, where do we find solidarity?

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HOME receptenboek

Hoe kunnen we de ander benaderen en verwelkomen? Welke mogelijkheden kunst in zich draagt voor het vormen van een thuisgevoel?


The underrepresentation and misrepresentation of women artists, non-binary and genderqueer artists in the Dutch art world is undeniable. Female students dominate the art schools, but the art world continues to be mostly male dominated. In this file you will find information about art and feminism from an intersectional perspective.

Rethinking Anthropocene

Unlike abstract concepts such as the Anthropocene, life on Earth is palpable, deeply emotional and consequential. How do we experience and endure life in a climate that is drastically and detrimentally transformed on a local and global level by the fossil fuel industry, racial capitalism, and political power in the last four decades? Not just here, or there. But everywhere, and all at once.

Precarious Days & Nights

A person's socioeconomic class has wide-ranging effects on access to education, culture, housing, health, and even justice. In this file you will find projects dealing with social class and existential vulnerability or precariousness.


Can you recall the first time you became aware of the power of emancipation? Can you draw a line between your experiences and the emancipatory movements that are transformative, powerful, heard and built by people against systematic oppression and violence?


Gender (identity) is the degree to which someone feels like a man, a woman, both or neither. In this file you will find projects that question the relationships between gender and society. Check also the files feminism and identity.


About those anxious gut feelings that are resounding throughout the arts and society at large.


This file is about you and how your idea on identity defines your work but also about the role of art in the social debate about identity and identity politics. Many artists use their work to express, explore, and question ideas about the way we perceive and express ourselves.


Sex is all around us. In this file you can find information on the representation of sex in art and the media, how this relates to gender stereotyping and what is says about our identity.

The City




Alternative Systems


Homo Ludens